We are a team of men and women dedicated to providing the orthopaedic surgeon with superior products and services to improve patient care. 

We are professionals first and foremost, committed to excellence in everything we do. 

We are different from our competitors because we are passionate about creating a meaningful partnership with our customer. 

We are more responsive, more knowledgeable and more reliable.

What we are

We are a sales and distribution company, not a manufacturer. 

Because we represent various products, we are committed to their heritage of product excellence, integrity and business ethics. 

Surgeons, nurses, patients, and hospitals rely on us, in fact prefer us, because we treat each of them as our customer.

why we are

We are in this business because health care matters. Because health care is important. 

Because restoring a patient’s quality of life is worth every dollar and every minute of time we spend doing it. 

Because we reinvest our profits in growing the company so that more people can benefit from what we do. 

Because we are responsible members of our community and citizens of the world.